Sean Price 'Silverback Gorilla' Box Set Infomercial


Sean Price 'Silverback Gorilla' Box Set Infomercial

11/16/2016 - 1:42pm

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Peter Rosenberg & Dallas Penn introduce the Sean Price 'Silverback Gorilla' Box Set, shipping on Friday, November 25.

The box set contains:

*Custom gorilla cage with Sean Price lyrics and key words on all 5 panels.
*Magnetic caged door that open & closes.
*3-CD box set containing Sean Price solo albums: ‘Monkey Barz,’ ‘Jesus Price Supastar,’ and ‘Mic Tyson.’
*Hologram cover design with Sean Price battling a pack of blood-thirsty gorillas.
*Inside the gorilla cage is a custom deck of Sean Price playing cards; RIP patch and a sticker pack containing 3 unique Sean Price stickers.