Artist Spotlight: Flatbush Zombies


Artist Spotlight: Flatbush Zombies

12/18/2012 - 2:28pm

We covered DyMeZ-A-DuZiN earlier this week, today you can catch up on the other up and coming act out of BK performing tonight at our holiday show: Flatbush Zombies (PS: best band name in a minute). If you're unfamiliar they are comprised of L.S Darko aka Meech, Juice, and Erick Ark Elliott. 

Exactly a year ago the group was relatively unknown, besides hearing them spit over "Gucci Gucci" I had no idea who they were either. But the group has been rapping for awhile and they didn't want to drop some bullshit video to introduce themselves. When they dropped "Thug Waffle" at the top of 2012 they came out the gate strong.

They then followed up with "S.C.O.S.A." which stands for Sniffing Coke Off a Stripper's Ass. Yeah haha, just watch the video:

Straight raw shit… But they also got some more laid back joints as well. Like "Laker Paper," and "Jupiter Sound" which you can listen to below:

All these tracks can be found on the trio's debut mixtape entitled D.R.U.G.S., which they do a lot of but it's now all they rap about. As the acronym stands for "Death & Reincarnation Under God's Supervision." I mean, they are Zombies. They have a sort of dark erroneous to them. And they are from Flatbush. It's still classic Brooklyn hip-hop at the heart. Combine all that shit: Drugs, Death, and BK.. and you get one dope fucking mixtape, from the "Fight Club" intro to the Gil-Scott Heron cover at the end. Download it here.

They grew up together and they have a natural chemistry. All though Erick Ark Elliot only raps on 5 tracks on the tape, he did 90% of the beats. And you gotta salute him for crafting a perfect sound to match Meech and Juice, which isn't an easy task because how off the charts they are. Meech is the more versatile one who usually does the hooks, watch the video to his solo track off the mixtape above. But him and Juice compliment each other well and I hope they stick together. They're unsigned at the moment as I'm sure they're weighing the several options they have.

Also watch them steal the spotlight on ASAP Rocky's "Bath Salt" track. They recently released a track called "The Hangover," don't know if that'll be on the next tape/album but hoping we get that shit soon!

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Posted by Shane Gill