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Mountainous terrains, rugby and Lord of the Rings trilogy; New Zealand has been known for many things—rap wasn’t one of them. That was until 29-year old MC David Dallas made his mark in 2009 with his debut LP Something Awesome. But it wasn’t always Top 40 singles and international success for Dallas— in fact his rap dreams didn’t even materialize until he was a 20-year old college student at Auckland University. He was a fan first, influenced by the early-’90’s hip-pop sounds of Young MC and Digital Underground.

As the would-be lyricist hit his teen years, his ear matured as well and it would be acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep who shaped his tastes. Still, the idea of actually becoming a rapper was completely foreign to David Dallas. “I wasn’t one of those kids that started rapping when I was 10 years old and writing verses; I just listened to rap a lot,” he says. “It wasn't something that I even thought was possible. If you don’t know any one who does it and there isn’t even any one from your country that raps, then that’s not even something you think about.” Things changed in 2000, when Dallas wrote his first rhyme during a college exam, after finishing the test early. “I was bored so I just started to write a rhyme on a piece of paper,” he recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘This is hard, man.’” Soon after Dallas linked with some budding artists on Auckland’s local hip-hop scene.

The Computer Science major downloaded some recording software off of the Internet, bought a $60 microphone and recorded his very first song, “The Enigma.” Encouraged by the positive feedback he’d received from the song, Dallas than hooked up with local NZ producer 41 and formed the duo Frontline. The group hit the road and dropped their first official album Borrowed Time on Dirty Records in 2005. But after 41 became disinterested in the rigorous demands of an artist, Dallas went solo. Still signed with Dirty, David Dallas dropped an EP 'Something Now' in 2008 and then released his first solo album (Something Awesome) a year later. 'Something Awesome' would eventually reach No. 1 on the New Zealand iTunes albums chart and spawn the popular single “Indulge Me.” While the album was buzzing in New Zealand and other countries overseas, Dallas still yearned for musical acceptance in the U.S. “Of course I don’t want to be from America, I want to represent for international artists because that’s what I am,” he explains, “But a lot of the artists that I look up to come from America.”

And with that Dallas embarked on a trip to the states to perform at Texas’ popular music festival SXSW in 2009. “That was the turning point, when I started to realize that I can do shit if I was over here [in America],” he reveals. Now, David Dallas, through Dawn Raid Entertainment and Dirty Management, linked up with Duck Down Music for a unique P&D and marketing deal, which will ultimately brand the rapper in the U.S. His debut project on Duck Down 'The Rose Tint' served as a free Internet-only album and would be the next step in making his rap dreams come to full fruition. “I just need to keep working and keep meeting people out here and building relationships so I can make the biggest impact possible.” On November 8th, David Dallas released 'The Rose Tint: Deluxe' which featured 4 bonus tracks and a second disc of all the instrumentals. Internationally known!


by David Dallas